Sometimes it is hard to see our own blessings because to us they are normal.  When someone commented on how good Owen was it got me thinking about him and the other "lucky us" things in our life.  I remember one talk by Elder Eyring (a leader in a church), O Remember, Remember.  He talked about his gratitude journal and how he would think about how God touched his families life that day.  He noticed that the more he pondered that each day the more he would remember and realize how much God loves His children.  I need to do that more.  But lately I have been noticing some of the blessings we have, especially concerning Owen.

Owen really is a great baby!  He was with us at the Fall Bazaar all day on Saturday and he didn't cry once.  That is pretty normal for us, but the girl at the booth next to us was amazed at how good he was.  She started out with her son who was only a month younger than Owen, he was really good too, but someone came and took him for her after a few hours.  She said she was so glad so she didn't have to worry about taking care of him while selling stuff.  Owen isn't one of the things that makes selling hard for us, if anything he brings people to our booth because he is so cute :)

On Sunday Matt and I had to give talks at church.  Owen literally fell asleep 2 minutes before my talk and stayed asleep until the end of Matt's talk.  That was a blessing :)

Owen sometimes has nights where he just doesn't want to sleep and luckily for him he seems to be even cuter during those nights!  He is super happy and smily and fun, which is good or I would probably hate the kid!

Owen is also happy with whoever, whenever, that might change, but for now that makes me happy :)

We are also so blessed to be living in such a great town!  We have lots of friends and family here and the atmosphere of the whole town is so nice.  I am so grateful for the many blessings we have and I hope I can recognize more and more of them because I know our Heavenly Father never stops giving them!

Here is the cute little guy trying his hardest to crawl, he almost has it down.

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