The past few weeks

Two weeks ago was great!  The best past was the new addition to the family, baby Naomi.  She was born Oct 10th and is so tiny!!! When I see other babies I realize how HUGE Owen was.  My sister-in-law, Chelsea, is doing great, she got to go home Friday and all of her family got to come up and see the baby.  My mom, grandma, and sisters also all came and so did my uncle.  It was a busy week full of people!  I didn't get any pictures of Naomi, but hopefully I will soon.  They said she looks exactly like her older sister looked (I didn't see her until she was about 6 months.)  She has SO MUCH hair it's crazy!

That week was also my husband's birthday, we didn't do anything, he said he wanted to stay home and chill. He ended up doing homework most of the day :(  We were going to go out to eat, but he didn't get enough homework done.  His cousin Marcus and Breanna came over and brought cupcakes, which was good because I didn't make a cake.  The horrible wife award goes to me!  It was fun to talk to them, it has been a long time!

Owen is doing great.  He isn't sleeping as good as he can still, but isn't up every hour either so we are happy.  He is as close to crawling as he can be without actually doing it.  He leans forward with his legs and toes under his body and rocks back and forth.  He will be moving around soon!  He doesn't use pacifiers like normal babies, but he loves to chew on them.  He thinks they are toys.  He is eating baby food once a day and is really good at it, he doesn't make such a huge mess anymore.  He also got himself from his belly to sitting all by himself for the first time on Saturday and then one more time on Sunday!  He rocks :)  I am really excited for him to crawl, except that it will mean we will have to start picking up EVERYTHING.  We also noticed he has two teeth coming in on top, but they aren't the two middle ones, but the two next to the middle ones.  So he will be our little vampire for a bit :)

This past week I literally crocheted like a MANIAC.  I got to take all my stuff to sell at the Fall Bazaar but we had sold most of it the week before so I had to make a lot of new things!  I was up until midnight the night before just finishing up a few things.  I have new earrings, elephants, giraffes, pandas,  and lions, and more colors of the other kinds.  This week I will have time to update my etsy shop finally!

The Fall Bazaar was okay, we definitely made a profit, but not as good as the week before and it was an all day thing instead of just four hours.  The thing that hurt us was another shop of crocheted things.  They were ridiculous!! I was told that I couldn't sell baby hats because they were selling baby hats (no one wants competition at the events so they don't allow two vendors who sell the same thing.)  So I did my jewelry and adult hats.  Well when this crochet shop showed up I almost cried.  I had about twenty hats, they had about 20 million.  The literally had a truck load!  And they only had THREE baby hats!!! EVERY OTHER HAT WAS ADULT!!  And to make things worse their stuff was way under-priced (priced so low because their hats were so crappy.)  Their hats really weren't anywhere near as nicely made as mine, they were flimsy and ugly, but they were cheap and there were thousands to choose from.  I was still able to sell two hats even though they were double what the other people's hats were.  The people who went to the event also weren't very happy, they would avoid eye contact at all costs! I think they thought they would have to buy something if they looked at our table.  It was stupid.  I think we will try to stick with the smaller fairs and stay in Rexburg where there are a lot of college students, they like my stuff.  After the Fall Bazaar we got home to a pleasant surprise, I had sold a watch on Etsy! And luckily I still had that watch haha. I will have to be more careful with that!  So in the end it was a good day and a wonderful couple of weeks!

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