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I have been making new things, mainly things for Christmas and they have been fun!  I have been working on making stockings, advent calendars and new christmasy earrings.  

I made the Christmas tree advent calendar.  I got the pattern for the tree here. Instead of doing it like everyone else does, have the flat fabric christmas tree with the ornaments in pockets to be taken out each day and hung on the flat tree, I decided to make a crocheted 3-D tree that you can hang ornaments on each day.  I started out making just the tree and plain ball ornaments.  Here is the tree on the first day before it has any ornaments, then a picture on the last day with all the ornaments.  (I have two trees, one in a lime green and the other in dark green. The lime green one is a bit fatter on the bottom, but just as tall.)

Then my mom and sister said they both wanted me to make them one, but they wanted them with different ornaments.  I came up with some simple-ish christmas crocheted ornaments, stockings, balls, bells, stars and candy canes. (They are hard to see in these pictures, one picture has the flash, the other is blurry because of my shaking hand) I still have to cut some of the ornament hanging parts so they don't have a huge wire showing.  

Here are a few pictures with all the different ornaments up on the tree.  I think I am going to make a bigger star for the top.  The wii remote is in the background, it kind of shows how big the trees are, about 5 inches.  

This next picture is how/where to store the ornaments.  They go inside the tree and you just pull one out each day.  They can also stay inside it for the whole year and they don't get lost.  The bottom is sewn on but has an opening to get the ornaments out and in.  The tree can also be squished down while not being used so it wont take up much room in your christmas storage box.  

This next picture shows the stockings I have made.  The tiny one I made last year and this year I took the basic pattern and made it bigger.  I figured the little ones can be used for dogs and cats.  The stockings can also be personalized with names, as you can see with the one with my name :)  And my water bottle shows size.  I am also going to make some with sports team colors.  

I am working on some earrings, I will use some of the ornament patterns but make them smaller.  Here is the start of some Santa earrings, I had the same  problem with the flash :( So it is hard to see them.  

And the next is a pair of earrings I made for a friend's daughter who loves dolphins.  They turned out AMAZING!  And again with the flash on it was too hard to see the earrings, but with it off it made them blurry.  The blurry showed the best, someday I will figure out how to make the camera work even when I don't use the stupid flash!  I will hopefully have some earrings like these up in the shop soon! 

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