Halloween Party

On Friday we went to our ward Halloween party at the straw maze.  It was pretty fun, but it was FREEZING!!! Matt and I went as Panther football players, we both wore jerseys we had and Owen went as our football :)  We figured since it was outside he would have to be covered up so we just made him a football hat and it rocked.  I didn't get a picture of all of us together, but I got lots of the little man.  We got there a little early, so we sat in the car for a bit then we went through the maze and it took probably 45 mins to find our way out haha.  We went with another couple who had a dog, in the beginning we followed the dog, we figured he might have good instincts.  We were wrong.  He let us to so many dead ends.  But eventually we made it out and by that time someone had brought hot chocolate and cookies.  Yum.  So we stood around and talked to the people in our ward then Owen realized he couldn't feel his feet and fingers so he wouldn't stop screaming and we left.  He was one happy kid when we put him in the bathtub!

I realize the pictures are all practically the same, but oh well.  :)

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