Vendors and Small Businesses

Rexburg is the place to be when trying to make some money while staying at home!  There is a facebook group for small business people, like me, mary kay, 31, do terra... That is how I have learned about all the craft fairs and I have met some people through that group.  There is also a meeting once a month for these small business people where we can network and learn what other people are doing and share information.  On Wednesday I went to that meeting and it was so amazing!  They showed me how to fix my facebook name so it was instead of  I like no numbers a lot more!  There was also a guy there who showed us how to put a shop on our facebook page!! I love it!! When I sell my things on etsy I have to keep up with the prices, so everything is massively over priced! But on my facebook I can have them be the price they are worth so people I know can pay a fair price :) But they don't let you punch in a code for free shipping so thats annoying when I sell to people I know here in Rexburg.  I will figure it all out sometime.  We didn't have any shows this week, but we will have two in the next two weeks so I am excited!  They are lots of fun!  We also have one in December, which will be perfect for Christmas!  I can't wait!

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