Rexburg Farmers Market Number 2

So we thought last week was good, we made TRIPLE of what we made last week!! We did a few things different, I made some more earrings, including owls which were a HUGE hit! And we changed some prices that were easier for college students to pay and now I don't have much left for my show next Saturday, but that is okay, it is super exciting selling a lot of stuff!! Once again Matt was a huge help!! He rocks at selling, we had people coming back from last week that he sold to who brought their friends and they all bought lots again!  And something that really helped was the weather! It stayed so nice all day, Matt and I didn't even need to put on jackets and it went until 8!  It was such a nice day, that helped with bringing out  lots of people.  Our booth was right next to a lady who did beaded jewelry and we traded a necklace for a necklace :)  She was super nice and loved Owen! She held him as much as he would let her haha.  And we were right across from a BBQ food booth and randomly they brought us a plate of food and said we won the drawing, we told them we didn't enter a drawing and they said they just wanted to provide dinner for us since we were such a cute little family! SO NICE!  So not only did we sell lots, but we got free food and made friends :) And my business cards came in so we got to pass those around and hopefully it will help with my etsy shop.  It was a great day!!! And I remembered to take pictures!

This is my jewelry table. I like it :)

And we hung the hats, it looks like crap, but we need another table so this was the best we could do.  Matt would just take the hats down and show people, most of them sold! 

Owen was chillin in his car seat.

And here is a fuzzy picture of  some of the owls, this is the only picture I got so I will have to take another one soon.  

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