Pumpkin Patch

Since we have so many family members in town we decided to take all the kids to the pumpkin patch.  It was so great.  They had a little mini straw maze for the kids and a train they could ride!  They had everything!  Big, little, and ugly deformed pumpkins.  There was also a chicken pen and the kids got to feed the chickens.  They had dried corn or dried worms, the worms really grossed out my niece Kimberly, but no one else seemed to mind touching them.  The kids ran around through the maze, then all over the pumpkin patch to find their pumpkins.  They also spent a lot of their time feeding the chickens.

This is Owen in his new car seat (car seat number 3! He has got to stop growing!)

All 5 nieces and nephews, the only one missing is brand new baby Naomi, she was in the hospital still.

Owen and his funny face, I love Johnny's foot in the corner! 

It is impossible to get all the kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time.

I got him smiling and looking at me! 

My brother Josh pulling everyone around, this lasted about 5 seconds.  

All the kids.

Waiting for the train ride!  Owen didn't go, I couldn't justify paying money for a ride he would care for. 


Owen loves his pumpkin :) It tastes oh so good! 

Ky got a cute one :)

Johnny's pumpkin.

Chillin' after finding their pumpkins. 

Ky's turn.

Johnny kept giving Owen all the pumpkins, Owen had to taste all of them. 

Uncle Josh


Josh found a turkey outside the fence and was feeding it by hand, all the kids were loving it! 

Johnny loves Owen :) They are gonna be best buds! 

This is what happens after a long day at the pumpkin patch :)

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (October 14, 2012)  

SOOO cute! That sounds awesome; we might have to go, even though I just spent $40 on preschool pumpkins...Nathan LOVES trains and chickens! Ha!

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