Rexburg Farmers Market 10/05

I woke up last Thursday to the most exciting email!  When we first moved here I was looking to see if there were any fairs or places I could sell some of my crocheted things and I emailed the Rexburg Farmers Market lady and she said she would put me on the waiting list and let me know if anything ever fell through.  That was over a month ago.  On Thursday I woke up and checked my email and she had written and said there was an opening for the next day and the week after!  So Matt and I worked like crazy to find a table and a canopy and put everything together to look nice.  I also had to make a few more things to fill up the table.  Friday rolled around and we did great!  It went from 4-8 and we sold lots!  Matt stayed with me so he could help with the baby and selling when I had to feed the baby.  Matt is the best salesman EVER!  I left for maybe fifteen minutes to feed Owen in the car and when I came back he had sold $35 worth of stuff!  We are going to do a few things differently next week, change some prices and make more earrings.  They were definitely the favorite!  We are also going to try to display somethings a little better and get better quality table cloths.  We didn't spend much money because we had no idea if we would make any, but since we did and we had quite a few people asking if we were going to be there next week so they could get some things, we decided we could splurge and make everything look nicer.  I also got my business cards in the mail Saturday so we will get to hand those out next Friday also!  It also got a lot colder than we were expecting and Owen usually starts to get tired and fussy at 7 so we decided we aren't going to keep him out in the cold, but one of us will take him home and give him a bath and get him ready for bed while the other stays and sells.  I am hoping Matt will stay and sell since he did such a good job.  Sadly I didn't get any pictures of the booth.  But I did get a few of sleeping kids.  My brother and his family came to see us and walk around and they woke up his daughter to come so she was exhausted and climbed into Owen's carseat and fell asleep, cutest thing ever!  She looked so awkward and big, but she must have been nice and comfy because she stayed with us while her parents are brother walked around.  And the next picture is Owen passed out in his daddy's arms.

Soon I will write about the Farmers Market from last night :) it was even better!

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