Bath Time

This is quite possible the best time of day.  Owen used to be the perfect baby.  He was seriously just super happy and content.  That has changed.  He now cries a lot, and for the stupidest reasons.  If his toys are too far for him to reach he screams until he gets them or when he is tired he wither cries and cries fighting it or he makes his REALLY LOUD groaning noise to fall asleep.  It is funny and annoying at the same time.  We can never sit in church and quietly rock him to sleep because he is so loud.  We always have to leave the room or we get stares.  He also doesn't sleep too good.  He has started wanting to wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning.  Not okay.  It kills me!  It wouldn't be that bad if he would sleep during the night but he wakes up at least every two hours.  I hope this passes quickly!!  I think he is so cranky because he wants to move and can't (his belly is too fat.)  So bath time is so great.  He LOVES it.  He laughs and smiles and splashes and could sit in there for hours literally.  Here are some pictures of him playing in the bathtub.  

This is what happens when he drops the cup.  

...and five seconds later when I give him back the cup.  

He gets called a girl A LOT and I think it's because his eyes are so pretty.  

Two little baby teeth!  

Funny face :)

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (October 10, 2012)  

cute!! I love him! :o) I'm so glad he's so close now! I'm sorry this phase is hard. The good thing is that every phase is different, and every phase ends. The good little baby phase ended and now he's trying to figure out how to be an older, mobile baby. I know the frustration with him not accessing things is annoying, but it is also one of the most important things babies do! Crawling is HUGE developmentally, and a lack of ever crawling even affects their reading skills later on! Crazy, huh? :o) He'll get there :o)

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