Our Weekend

On Saturday we had a fair thing, it was small and short so we didn't make much money, but we did meet a lot of cool people!  I didn't get a picture of the display, but I shared a booth with another girl who does jewelry and she left me half of her hanging display side, so we hung the watches and we liked how it looked so much that we are going to try to make one like she had.  It looked awesome.  We were super lucky and went to bed way early, Owen is teething and gets up every hour.  It's killer!  So during the night I can't stand him, but he is still super cute during the day!  And here he is playing with yarn, he attacks me every time I have it out so I just caved and gave him his own roll, yellow.  He likes it.

Sunday was great, we went to church and Matt and I got to teach for our new calling, we teach the Family and Marriage Relations class.  The teacher for the other Sunday School class wasn't there so we had to combine the two classes and were in the gym.  Owen was awesome, he played on the floor the whole time and didn't make a peep.  He kept trying to crawl but it was so slippery he couldn't get his feet up so he ended up pushing himself backwards all over the place.  He ended up in the front row slobbering all over someones shoe.  He's a shoe person.  Here he is looking super spiffy.  

After church we had a million things to do!  We went to the Egbert's and ate dinner with them first, it was delicious!  Suelen is Brazillian but she made lasagna and it tasted a million times better than anything I have ever made.  She rocks.  So does her little boy!  Then we went to my cousin Alaina's house for a little birthday party for her cute little man!  He was as adorable as he always is and she made some cupcakes that looked as good as they tasted!  Usually cupcake frosting looks like crap but tastes like heaven, but she is an amazing cake decorator!  After that we rushed home to visit with some people from our ward, they have a super cute little boy.  I think he was 4 or 5 months and he slept the whole time.  I don't know how because Owen was super loud the whole time.  We were feeding him and he loves to make noises!  It was a busy day, but great!

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