Rigby Fair

This was the COOLEST fair I have ever been to!  The fair was at the Rigby junior high and was inside the gym, the hall leading to the gym and another big room connected to the gym.  It was HUGE.  They have it every year, it is mainly for Christmas shopping and was PACKED THE WHOLE TIME!! It was INSANE! We did GREAT!  I had a bunch of hats, and only a few of them were character hats, like Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba and a minion hat.  Those went almost immediately!  And we had four people come back to ask for the Brobee hat.  We have another fair this coming weekend so I am going to crochet as many character hats as I can!  I am hoping for 15, but with a crawling baby that will be hard.

This is our booth and that is Matt in the back thinking he is funny :)

This is the jewelry display I wrote about for our last fair, I was able to borrow it for this week and I will get to use it again next week!  It helps a lot!  

I REALLY wish I had gotten pictures of some of the other booths!  They have everything and more.  I HIGHLY suggest going to this fair!  I could have easily spent thousands of dollars, one of everything :) They had the normal things, hair bows, purses, mary kay, food, vinyl, and they also had other things, like knives, bow and arrow toys for boys, homemade benches, tire rocking chair things...  It was amazing!  And it was great being a vendor because there were so many people walking through the whole time!  And I was lucky and was the only person selling crocheted things, there were a few other selling some hats, but they were the older ladies who only had the older kind, that aren't as cool as mine :)  So we did really good.  I hope next week will be as good!

By the end Owen was past ready to go!  He was crying so I walked him around while Matt watched the booth.  

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