Little Man Growing Up

Owen has started crawling all over the place!  It is a lot of fun, but kind of annoying at the same time.  He has also started pulling himself up on everything, and once he is up he doesn't understand that he has to hold on or he will fall, so he is constantly falling.  We had to put our coffee table in the closet and all our decoration things that were on the end tables are gone.

Here he is falling backwards. 

He FINALLY got his teeth in so he has been sleeping 4-6 hours stretches as night, and one time even 8 hours!  SO NICE!  But, he HATES being put in his crib, he REFUSES to sleep there for naps.  He has to be held or he just cries.  And lately he has started not wanting to sleep there at night, which is not good.  We tried the whole let him cry himself to sleep and it doesn't work.  He cries so much that he wakes up and wont sleep at all.  We left him in for an hour many times and it never worked.  I also tried the going in every 5, 10, 15 mins thing and that also failed.  I looked up books online and found one that only had good reviews.  It is called The No Cry Sleep Solution.  I have it reserved at the library and can't wait to read it, I reserved it a week and a half ago and still nothing.  You would think someone who needs that book would read it in a day or two because they probably need the info.  But this person is taking FOREVER and it is VERY annoying.  From the reviews, people said they started seeing changes in just a few days!  It is a mix between the let them cry way and the baby attached to your body ALL THE TIME way.  So hopefully it will work for Owen because I don't want him in our bed and I want him to actually sleep.

He knows I'm talking about him :)

He has never used a pacifier, he just chews on them.  But he does suck on his lips a lot.  His bottom lip is in his mouth a lot, but lately he has started sucking on his cheeks!  He makes the fish face to do it and it's hilarious!  I was lucky to get some pictures, usually when the camera comes out he gets excited and just smiles.

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