The Week Before Last Week

Last week was nice and busy.  I literally crocheted almost non-stop.  It was torture.  I had to do it because we had an event that weekend and we had sold so much the week before.  It turned out the event didn't go so well, there was less than 20 people who came, and my family was in town so they count for half of the twenty.  But we made enough money (thanks to the other people trying to sell things) that it covered the cost of the event so we didn't lose money.  We also have another event coming up in a few weeks so I have lots of stuff to sell for that and I don't have to be stressed about making more, which is sooo nice!

Two Tuesdays ago there was Relief Society activity which was so fun!  It was way nice to be away from Owen for a few hours and just have fun.  We ate and played some hilarious games.  One was called Squeek Piggy Squeek and I was laughing so hard I was almost crying!  If you need a good group game let me know and I will tell you how to play.

As I said my fam came down for the weekend.  I was excited that they were going to get to come see me sell stuff but then sad because it wasn't a very good event to go to.  The week before that week was SOO amazing that I wish they could have come to it instead.  They would have loved seeing all the stuff people make! AMAZING!  We also went out to eat at AppleBees.  So delicious.  It was fun hanging out with everyone.

This is how he used to be when he would sleep...

and this is how he is now :)

It was snowing this day and he stood at the window staring for a really long time.  

Here is my booth at the event that didn't go so good, but the next one is gonna rock and I'm gonna have a million more things to sell! 

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