This Thanksgiving was great.  It was perfect.  It was super nice doing our own thing.  We ate with my brother Josh, his wife Chelsea, their three kids, and Chelsea's sister Shaina and her hub Jonathan.  We all cooked some stuff and everything tasted amazing!  The kids were super cute, they always are.

I cooked some pumpkin cookies, apple pie, and rolls.  The rolls didn't turn out so good, we just bought the frozen kind and got them out to cook about an hour before we had to be there and that's when we found out they were supposed to sit out for four hours to rise.  Oops.  So they were little and hard.  But the pumpkin cookies were delicious and I am especially proud of the pie!  I made all of it!!  I even grew the apples!  Not really, but I did do everything else.

We all ate at Shaina's apartment complex and they had a few huge bean bag chairs to sit in and a giant TV.  Owen sat in one of the bean bags and just watched everyone while we ate.  It was nice. His cousin John kept sitting by him and pointing to him.  They are gonna be great friends :)

I'm not sure if Josh was throwing him onto the pillow of just picked him up, but either way it's a funny picture! 

John and Owen. 

Our delicious banquet. 

Beautiful turkey

Matt with Autumn.  She made that face on purpose :)

John, Owen and Autumn.  Super cute!

This was the face he made every time I pointed the camera at him. 

My pretty pie :)

Baby Naomi with MASSIVE eyeballs! 

Smile!  Too bad it's a bit blurry.

This one is cute!  And it shows the bruise Owen has on his cheek from falling. He has one on the other side of his face also. 

Owen attacking Naomi.

Matt thinks he's cool :)

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