Owen Update

I finally got the book that helps with getting babies to sleep better and it really helps!  My cousin had the book so she let me borrow it and I am so glad!  It really has made a big difference with Owen and his sleeping.  He actually sleeps in his crib for naps now and instead of having a few 30 minute naps he is up to one and half hour naps.  I love it!  He also is sleeping better at night, he isn't quite where we want him to be but he is close!  He even slept seven hours straight last night!  It was heaven.  He does great the first part of the night but the second part is still tough.  He is definitely doing better though!  He has started teething again so that is probably keeping him up sometimes in the night.

He is a GREAT crawler and goes fast.  He pulls himself up onto everything and can let go and stay standing for a few seconds.  He loves having his teeth brushed, he even sits there calmly with his mouth open and lets us brush them.  He doesn't try to chew on the toothbrush until we are all done and we let him play with it for a minute before we put it up.  He is a talker and will even make a weird singing noise when we sing.  It is pretty cute.  He still chokes on EVERYTHING so his diet is pretty limited, which is fine.  One of his new things is throwing.  If he can hold on good to a toy he will throw it then go get it then throw it again.  He does it over and over again.  He has also started clapping, he does it mainly when there is music but other times as well.  He also knows how to give a Hi-Five!  It is way cool.  He is a super happy baby and we love him lots!


His funny tongue that is ALWAYS sticking out.

He is really good at sitting on the floor or in his little chair with me in the kitchen while I cook or clean.  He loves seeing all the new "toys."  He didn't want to give this one up after I was done cleaning.  

He knows he isn't supposed to climb up by the TV, but he also knows if he smiles he wont get in trouble. 

Super cute pic!  He was watching the game, but by the time I got the camera he was looking at Matt.  He is gonna be a football fan! 

This was his first time getting a bubble bath and he was a little freaked out at first, it took him a minute to touch the bubbles.  It was pretty cute.  

He was in the middle of a sneeze when I took the picture, it turned out pretty funny!  

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