So Matt has been talking NONSTOP about the WII U.  And if you read my blog regularly you know we are on a strict budget doing the Dave Ramsey plan, so getting the WII U was out of the question.  Well sadly I caved.  He seriously wouldn't shut up about it.  So he went out Thursday night and waited in line for two hours with one of his mission friends who was visiting family here and he got it.  It made a serious dent in our bank account, but if all goes as planned it will be paid off by next month.  He got home that night around nine and started hooking it up.  It took HOURS to load and update and do everything else so I didn't even get to see him play it before I went to bed.  He said he went to bed after playing just one game and Friday morning he got up bright and early to play.  Except Owen was awake and I think he was even more obsessed with the WII U than Matt.  It was SO FUNNY! He seriously wouldn't leave Matt alone.  He kept climbing on him and standing and trying to see and even when we would move him away and try to distract him he would just go right back to Matt and the game. I got lots of pictures, they are all basically the same though so I will only put up a few.

And I have to admit the WII U was a good purchase.  It is pretty fun and easy and exciting.  Matt can play while I watch NetFlix :)  And it has fun short little games that I like to play.

Matt finally decided to take a break and Owen still wouldn't leave him alone. 

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