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Business is booming!  I have a lot of custom orders I am making and I am loving it!  I have made a lot of things that I never tried before so I have been busy coming up with new patterns and finishing projects.  I also have someone buying some newborn things and I LOVE THEM!!  They are so cute.  It's weird how tiny thing are always a million times cuter than the same thing in a normal size.  I have a cousin who does photography and I seriously can't wait to have some free time to just make a bunch of newborn things for her to use!

We have a fair coming up this week.  It was SO NICE to have a few weeks in between the craft fairs so I could slowly and happily crochet new things instead of frantically trying to make a whole new inventory in a week.  Now I have way more than we have room for.  We are going to have to buy a table.  I'm not happy about it, but it's going to happen.  I also got a lot of cheap yarn from Black Friday so I had lots of fun making bulky scarves.  They are SUPER CUTE.  I want to keep them all.  This week I will be finishing up custom orders and getting them in the mail then I will probably work on more things for the fair.  I have made a few headbands that I love and some flowers to make hair clips.  It's gonna be a good week!  Here are a few custom orders I did this week.  I really need to take more/better pictures, but I hate being in them.  If anyone wants to be my model let me know!

Hot pink and black.  Perfect. 

My awesome modeling skills :)

Here is one of the scarfs, or is it a cowl? infinity scarf? 

And an adorable reindeer!

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