Little Man

Owen was sick this past week.  We took him the doc and he had an eye infection, bronchitis, and was teething.  I wish he was born with teeth, he would be much happier if those stupid teeth were already there!  We almost didn't take him to the doc because every other time we take him he is just teething and he didn't have any new symptoms, they were all just a little worse than usual.  His coughing was making it REALLY hard for him to sleep at night.  It was sad, his throat was probably killing him!  He got medicine for the eye and the bronchitis and is doing much better.  I didn't know anything was wrong with his eye either.  He always has had a clogged tear duct so his eye would constantly run and get gooey stuff, but the doc told us to massage the corner and it should go away.  We did that and it went away for about a week, but then came back.  I figured it was because he was teething and everything seems to clog up when he is teething so I didn't even ask the doc about it.  He just looked at him and said it was infected.  Weird.  But the eye drops are working great so I'm happy.  Here he is trying to crawl over Matt's legs.  It took him a hilariously long time! 

Owen has still been sleeping pretty good.  He wakes up every four hours to eat at night when he has medicine, but every two when the medicine runs out.  I can't wait for ALL his teeth to come in so we can all sleep better!  He likes his bed and we can easily get him from our arms into the bed without being scared he is gonna wake up.  Even if he wakes up he just rolls over and falls back asleep.  That book worked wonders!  His naps are still a little hard.  He doesn't sleep as long as he should, and he doesn't like it when I try to get him to take a nap.  Matt can do it quickly, but it takes a long time and many screams for him to just accept it when I am trying.  I think it's because he thinks he needs to eat every time I have him and we are trying to break him of that habit but it isn't going so good.  Today at church I had Owen for 2 hours and tried THE WHOLE TIME to get him to sleep and then finally Matt came and took him and he was asleep almost instantly.  Annoying.  But oh so cute! 

He is also outgrowing ALL his clothes!  I can't believe it!  I have a drawer of stuff that was way too big when we moved here and I just opened it this morning to put some things in it and realized that a lot of those clothes will fit him.  He wears little sweat pants all the time because most of his jeans wont fit over his thighs, and if they barely fit over the thighs there is no way to get them up over his diaper.  We just got a package from Matt's family with some clothes so he got to wear a nice comfy set of jeans to church today.  The only time he looks small is when he has Matt's shoes haha. 

And here he is wearing my shoe.  Sorry it's fuzzy :(

He is still obsessed with the Wii U, so it Matt.  He likes music so I think it's the music that he likes about the games.  We haven't bought any games for it so Matt has just been playing the things that are included, like mario, so the music is calming.  

His special new ability?  HE CAN STAND ALL ALONE!! It still blows my mind when I see him do it!  He doesn't do it very often and it doesn't last too long.  The longest was today and he stood for a probably close to a minute, then he fell on his face.  I think the reason he stood so long was because he didn't know how to get back down.  He got up using Matt then Matt moved away so he couldn't grab back onto him so he just stood there until his legs gave out.  Poor guy.  We didn't realize he couldn't get back down.  But he usually doesn't notice he is doing it.  He will have some toy or something that has his complete attention so he will use both hands to play with it and let go of whatever he was holding.  He is pretty cute.  By the time I got around to the front to get a picture he had fallen :(

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