Winter Wonderland Fair

The fair on Saturday was great!  We did awesome, I think we made more at this one than any other one.  Our set up looked way better than it did any other time also and we had more things to sell.  We did buy a new table and bought some things from DI to help make the table look cute.  It worked.  And it was all so cheap :)  There were a few other crochet booths, but one of them was doing baby things and the other had WAY more things than I did, but theirs didn't look as good as mine so I wasn't too worried.  There were a lot of other vendors there, but most of them sold bigger things, things that were very expensive so most of the vendors didn't do such a good job selling.  That was sad.  But we did good so I was happy.  We don't know of any other fairs coming up any time soon so I don't know how we are going to make any fun spending money, but it will work out.  We also got to meet a lot of fun people, both selling and buying.  We had a lots telling me how lucky I was to have Matt since he was making all the sales.  Haha it's so true!  The lady who was selling behind us said she needs to find her own Matt so she can do better next time.  I am so lucky :)  The biggest hit was the hats.  It is funny how each show is different.  At one show a while back we made half our profit in earrings, but at this one we didn't sell a single pair!  And at another show our biggest seller was the character hats, and this time they were pretty big, but the favorite was the hats with a flower.  We sold out of those!  We were also able to do some trading which is always fun!  Here is our beautiful booth!! By the end it was looking a lot more bare :)

Owen did pretty good at the fair.  This was the first one we had to worry about him and crawling.  The last one didn't have many people, the one before that he was sick and didn't want to be put down much, and before that he couldn't crawl yet.  He did good for most of it, but the last hour or two he wanted down.  I eventually took him to a corner to play for a minute.  We realized at this fair that when there are lots of people Owen doesn't like to eat or sleep.  He had a horrible time napping, probably because of all the noise and lights, but I would take him to the car to eat and he just didn't want to.  He would eat for a minute and then push away until I took him back inside.  So by the time we got home he was starving.  Here he is in the car after the fair.

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