Owen Baby

Owen is too cute.  All the time!  He is still all over the place and doing even better standing.  He stands all the time.  It's funny how their little brains are constantly working to learn new things and perfect the things they learn.  If he can stand he will.  He has really started to dance when music comes up.  He isn't as intense as some (my nephew) but he does stop and bounce up and down quite often when he hears music.  I just asked Matt what other things he started to do this week and he said he crapped a lot.  It's true.  A few times a day.  Usually its once every few days.  And he doesn't get the funny face like other babies, it just happens and he turns and looks at us as if he is asking us what that was.  It is pretty funny.  Weird how babies can make even disgusting things like poop cute.  

A lot of people don't believe me that he has hair.  If you look at his ear in this picture you can see that he would get kicked out of the testing center because his hair is past his ear :)

Here he is trying to open presents.  I think he is really going to enjoy Christmas Day. 

And a random video

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