sledding at the cabins

For Christmas we met up with my brother's wife's family, the Workmans, and all rented cabins in the woods.  It was great!  We did miss my sister and her family and two of Chelsea's sisters couldn't make it either, maybe next time!  We spent one day sledding.  Either we went on tiny hills that were really steep and really short or we went on a great huge hill, but it was a killer walk so not everyone went and if we did go up it we didn't go more than a few times.  It wouldn't have been so bad if there wasn't so much snow, but when we sunk down it took so many muscles to get back out!  We had to take lots of breaks!  Sadly I didn't get any pictures of the big hill, it was so cold the camera's battery died after being out for only a few minutes :( but I did get a video of Owen going sledding for the first time ever.  Later we laid him down on a saucer sled and sent him down the tiny hill and he hated it.  But it was funny to watch.

Here he is all bundled up to head out.  We weren't planning on going with everyone to the cabins so we didn't bring any good winter coats and gear :( His layers worked though.

Freezing with Papa

And the video

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