Christmas was fun!  We all got together in the Workman's cabin and all the grand kids opened presents.  The rest of us also got a few presents.  Autumn wasn't feeling too well so she didn't have as much fun as she could have had, but she did enjoy her presents.  Naomi was wide awake and looking all over the place, she is way too cute!  John was hilarious, he LOVED all of Owen's toys.  Every time I opened one of Owen presents Johnny came and played with it.  Owen didn't even notice, he was too busy playing with all the wrapping paper.  Owen got a light up ball that John couldn't put down, unless he was throwing it, and he has a great arm and great aim!!  He basically played catch the whole time with whoever would throw to him.  Owen got a set of four cars from my Grandma and when we opened that one John was watching and he got really excited about that gift too.  He was probably the best part!  Owen really didn't even notice the toys haha.  After opening presents we pretty much did our own thing and rested.  Later that night we got together and ate and played a fun Disney card  game.  It was a great day!! 

This is Owen, he actually had some really cute Christmas clothes that Josh and Chelsea got him, but sadly I didn't get a picture of the front of him :(

Just getting ready to go open presents!!

His cheeks are way too big to not squeeze and kiss all the time.  Poor kid.

All the presents!  It was a little crowded with all the presents and the fold out bed in the living room. 

Josh and his family :) There is a picture with the kids, but before I got a pic with my camera they were done posing and ready to open presents. 

Owen and Papa

Santa :)

Baby Naomi watching all the action.

Here is Johnny asking to play with whatever toy I just opened for Owen haha. 

The boys sat in the kitchen while the girls had fun with the kids.

Owen opening presents.  

Autumn getting lost.


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