Winter Break

The break was great!  We spent a few weeks in Montana with my family.  Matt and I switched parts, he played Mr. Mom and I got to roof.  It was nice for both of us.  I also got to make some custom items for some people, helped my mom make a tree skirt, and helped Chelsea finish up the super cute monster dolls she made for each of her kids.  It was a busy break!  We started out at my Granny's house then moved to my parents house so Josh's family could stay with my granny.  Owen slept in his pack and play and he did surprisingly well!  We also got to visit with a lot of fun people while we were there :)

This is Owen sleeping on the way to Livingston.  Our friend Chrystal made the blanket, we got it the day we left!  He loved it :)

Owen LOVES my grandma's dog.  I think playing with Tank was his favorite part of the trip.  Luckily Tank didn't freak out from all the pinching and pulling.  

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