Farmers Market and a Craft Fair

Yesterday was the last day of the rexburg farmers market and they were having a little halloween type theme for kids so we decided to check it out.  We went with my cousin Alaina and her two kids.  She has a boy, Nathan, who will be 3 in a few months and a little girl, Eliza, who is 4 months, and they live in the same apartment complex as us so we were super excited about our kids being so close in age.  But her little boy and Owen DO NOT get along and it drives us crazy!!! We need to fix it since we hang out all the time.  Luckily there was so much going on at the farmers market that they decided to completely ignore each other and spend their time trick-or-treating and decorating their pumpkins.  It was a quick visit, but a nice way to get out of the house.  Owen doesn't get out nearly as much as he used to before Ava came along and I feel bad so whenever we have an excuse to go somewhere we do!  It will be nice when she is old enough to be around people.  The boys dressed up, Owen was a ninja turtle and Nathan was Thomas, they looked super cute.  Owen didn't really get the whole trick-or-treat concept, this is his first time doing it, but it was nice we had a little practice run before Halloween.

Owen decorating his pumpkin.
Nathan doing a weird eyebrow face :) Hilarious!!
Eliza chillin at our house wearing a crown Jenn crocheted :)
Ava making a funny baby face :) 
Today we're vendors at a craft fair in Idaho Falls.  It was terrible.  It was at a fitness center and there were barely any people selling things, we later found it was because a lot of the people who were planning on selling worked at the fitness center and there was a huge layoff that took place a few weeks ago so all those people dropped out and basically the craft fair was a big dud.  Luckily for us we made enough to cover the cost of the booth, gas to get to Idaho Falls, and we even had extra, so it wasn't a complete waste.  We did spend HOURS sitting in an almost empty gym with two kids so if we had known how it would turn out I think we would have rather not have the extra money and sit at home instead.  I think we were the only people who made more than $20.  Sad!  Owen and Ava both did great.  Ava literally slept in her car seat the whole time, except when she was eating, and Owen playing in the racquet ball court or chased a ball through the gym the whole time.  So in a way it was nice there wasn't many people so Owen could run free.  At the end we found out Owen had turned lights on in our car so it was dead and had to be jumped, that's always annoying.  But we made it home and I got to take a much needed nap.  Now Matt is doing homework, Owen is crying in his room because our sucky upstairs neighbors are ridiculously loud and woke him up, Ava is asleep in her crib and I am sitting on the couch wishing I didn't have to get up to get some water. This next picture is Owen on the way home, he missed his nap so he passed out pretty quick in the car :)

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