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After I wrote last time I wanted to find the camera so I could put up some pics, but it is still lost.  We have no idea where it might be, probably in an Owen hiding spot with half his cups.  Luckily we have an awesome Iphone that takes pics so I am going to try to write on the computer and post pics from the phone.  We will see how it goes.  

Baby Ava Lou Triplett was born on Sept 20th and it went wonderfully.  The few weeks before that I was as ready for labor as you can be without actually being in labor.  I was either having horrible and painful contractions that weren't consistent or I was having consistent contractions that weren't painful.  I was 4 cm and just waiting.  Instead of waiting forever like we did with Owen, the Doc let us go a few days early.  I went in to be induced at 6:30 AM got the pitocin around 8 and had Ava at 12:20.  It was quick and easy!! She was almost 3 lbs lighter than Owen so that was nice too!  The best part is her hair! She had some and still has some!! I don't think she has lost any of her hair.  And it's dark.  I love it.  So does Owen.  He will come and rub her head while saying "hair, hair hair."  She was the perfect baby, only ate every 4 hours at night and every 3 during the day and rarely cried.  She was fine sleeping in her crib or sitting by herself on the couch.  Now she isn't being so sweet.  She still only eats that much, but she has decided she doesn't like to sleep.  She will be so tired her eyes are red and she can barely keep them open but she will refuse to sleep.  Very annoying.  So I am not getting as much sleep as I would like, I still get a lot more than I got with Owen who seemed to eat every hour.  Last night I just let her sleep in our bed so I didn't have to get up and try to get her to fall asleep every few minutes and it worked great.  I can't wait until she smiles and interacts.  I remember when Owen was a newborn we didn't think he could get any cuter, but now we know the newborn stage is nothing compared to what is coming up!! She will use a binky but has a hard time understanding that she needs to close her mouth in order to suck on it.  Also annoying.  She gets fussier the later it gets, and spits up randomly so we don't know if I am eating something that is hurting her stomach or what.  She has super long fingers and toes, just like Owen.  I don't think she looks like anyone yet, but most people say she looks like Matt.  She will make some expressions that Owen made when he was a baby but other than that I think she has her own unique face so far.  

Owen is great!  He hasn't hit the jealousy stage yet, he loves Ava just as much as we do.  When she cries he will tell us she is crying and try to give her the binky.  When she is sleeping he will try to share his blanket with her.  When he is reading he will throw books at her for her to read (we are working on that).  He always wants to hold her and will give her more kisses than he gives us.  He never was a tv kid until recently, we were blessed with Barney because we can sit him in front of the tv now when we need to get things done and can't with two kids trying to get our attention.  Since he started liking Barney we have tried other shows and movies and he is liking all the Disney movies!  I hope the theater here will get Planes soon so we can try out a movie theater!  When my mom was here she bought him a Barney doll and he loves it, he carries it around and sleeps with it and shares it with Ava.  He talks like crazy, he can and will repeat any word we say.  Some aren't as obvious but most are pretty clear.  He has started to try to take off his diaper :( and hates to wear socks.  His favorite thing to do, besides watch Barney, is to read.  He will sit on the floor for hours with his books.  He also loves to be outside, which he hasn't gotten to do much because of Ava.  It will be nice when we can take her out with us.  He went to nursery for the first time a few weeks ago and didn't do so good.  We always thought he would be fine because he likes people and doesn't have a problem if we leave him with other people, but nursery was too much.  Matt dropped him off and there were only a few kids so Owen went in happily and Matt left.  During the second hour the nursery leader got Matt because Owen was having a hard time.  He went to the room and peaked in and saw Owen standing in the corner on the verge of crying.  He went in and saw there were closer to 20 kids and half of them were pushing the other half and stealing toys and it was no good.  He will try again in a few weeks and we hope Owen will forget about his first experience and will end up liking it.  

Matt is back in school and loving/hating it.  He has the teachers that just give stupid assignments that do nothing but take up time and then he has the other teachers that are great and do a good job teaching.  He has been really busy with homework but his schedule is great!  He is home most of the day and can help if I need.  His parents are coming at the end of this month for the baby blessing and he is excited to see them.  

I am doing great.  I feel a million times better than I did while I was pregnant!  My back doesn't hurt and I don't hate everyone.  I am staying super busy, lunch and dinner time come so quickly each day it's weird!  I have been trying to make one crochet hat a day so I can have some to sell at craft fairs again, but I dont usually have the time to get a full one done.  I also want to make one for Ava but haven't done that yet.  Life is great!  

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