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Here I am a million months later and finally feeling up to posting.  Lots of things have happened since my last post, which was so long ago I don't even remember what I wrote about.  This summer was nice, we spent most of it in Montana and it was way too hot.  Other than  that it was nice.  I came home to Idaho about 2 weeks and go and Matt got here last Friday.  It has been great, there is something wonderful about being in your own home.  We weren't planning on coming back so early but Owen decided he didn't want to sleep ever at my parent's house and he could climb out of the crib so someone had to be awake with him and that was miserable for everyone!  So I came back with him so we could all sleep and he sleeps wonderfully in his own bed, and the railings are higher so he can't climb out when he isn't sleeping :)  The week and a half that I was here alone I was BUSY BUSY!! Owen and I both had lots of appointments and I tried to get ready as much as I could for the baby, lots of cleaning and organizing.  I also found lots of things we don't need/use so we had a garage sale and did GREAT!! So it was fun having extra space and money!  Then Matt came back from Montana and he brought all the massive amounts of things we had acquired there so we had to clean and organize again, but we are now pretty much ready for our little girl to come!

The pregnancy has been terrible.  I have literally been praying that she would be born since around the 20 week mark.  I hear all pregnancies are different and that better be true because if I have another one like this it will for sure be the last.  I have had LOTS of back pain, limping and waddling and cramping.... It never ends!! I get charlie horses in the night and have had my arms go numb to the point where they would hurt.  The back has definitely been the worst though.  It seems one of my legs is popped out so walking, sitting, and laying down is horribly painful.  I have also basically hated everyone in the world during the whole pregnancy.  Everyone and everything was stupid and annoying, I avoided people at all costs, so if I seemed unfriendly don't take it personally, I was unfriendly to everyone.  The only people I liked were Owen and one of my sisters who also hates everyone so we hated and glared and complained together.  I think that's why I liked her because she seemed to be feeling the same way I did about everything.  I am much more happy now though :)  And I like people and don't think they are so stupid anymore.  I am exactly 38 weeks today and really hope the baby comes super soon!! We finally decided on a name, Ava Lou Triplett.  It's cute and easy and we like it :)  I have an appointment tomorrow and I hope there is so much progress that they will just send me to the hospital, but I haven't been that lucky this pregnancy so I doubt it.

Owen is great and can say a million words.  He has just started to like watching Barney, which was really helpful when Matt was still in Montana.  He has one episode in particular that he will actually sit still for, it is about dentists and doctors and for the 10 minutes Barney talks about brushing teeth I could shower without worrying that he was getting into something he shouldn't.  One time I didn't get out quick enough and he had gotten into our linen closet and had all the towels and blankets all over the house.  He can be a trouble maker!  He still loves to eat anything which we love!  He is finally being a good sleeper, he will even go to his room when we say it's bed time and sometimes when he is tired enough he will say bed over and over until we put him in his bed :) That is the best thing ever!!

School starts in less than a week and Matt is excited :)  It has been a busy week and is just going to get busier in the next few weeks!! Yesterday we were driving to Idaho Falls and we got hit by another car.  Everyone was fine, poor Owen got the worst of the accident, but it wasn't too bad.  A big truck was turning and the guy turned too soon and ran into the back door of our car so the back got knocked around a bit but we didn't feel much in the front.  We all got checked out and everyone is good.  Owen cried and wouldn't let go of Matt for a good half hour but it just freaked him out really good.  Luckily the guy who hit us was working and using a work truck and the insurance for his work is amazing!! Our insurance told us they would probably try to drag it out and make it really annoying for us to get everything fixed, but they have been super fast and nice and fair.  We already got a new car seat for Owen that they are paying for :) And they reserved us a rental car until ours is fixed.  Well we saw our insurance people today and they told us the damage to our car is way worse than what our car is worth so they will probably try to tell us they are going to junk the car and give us the money they junk it for, which isn't much!  So they said we need to do lots of research and make sure we can get what our car was worth.  The sucky thing is our car isn't worth much, WAY too many miles, but we have taken such good care of the car that it would last forever!  So there is no way we would be able to find a car as good as ours for as much as ours is worth :(  We don't know what we are going to do, but we do have a truck that Matt's parents gave us so we might have to trade that in for something that will fit our whole family.  It is bad timing, hopefully we can get everything figured out before school and baby come!! But it was nice getting a new car seat :)  and the people have been so nice and quick that I think there is hope that everything will work out.  I don't know where the camera is, so no pictures today, but hopefully soon I can post some of Owen and Ava!!

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