I need to do the write everyday for a month thing because I always have things I want to write, but never do and then i forget them.  Lots of things have changed in the past month.  Matt came home and decided to quit with vivint.  Basically the last straw was when he got a $165 ticket from a police man for not having a license to sell where they told him to sell.  His boss was an idiot and I wish he would tell the people higher up about how stupid that guy is so he wont ruin other peoples chances also.  Oh well.  So he came back about 3 weeks ago and we have been in Montana roofing.  Ever since he came back Owen has been a hardcore daddy's boy.  It was cute the first few days and we figured it wouldn't last long, but Matt is by far the favorite.  It is extreme.  Matt and I trade off days getting up at 6:30 with Owen so we can each sleep in every other day.  This morning was my turn to get Owen.  He fought and cried while I was trying to get him out of the crib because he wanted Matt.  Yesterday I put Owen down for a nap and he screamed for over half an hour.  Matt picked him up and less than half an hour later tried again he went down without any problem.  Owen gets mad and throws food if it is me feeding him, but is perfectly happy and sweet when Matt gives him the food.  It is a bit annoying.  I am the second favorite though.  He still generally likes other people, we don't think he will be any problem when he goes to nursery, which we can't wait for!!  He has started talking like crazy, he is surprisingly good at pronouncing words, most of them are pretty clear.  The ones he knows are:
dada- dad
mama- mom
daddy- doggy
yonny-johnny or jenny
cassdy- cassidy
nana- nana
shoes- shoes
more- more, he prefers to use the sign instead most of the time
what- what
pee pee- bathroom
buh- bye
baby- baby
yummy yummy- food
sahs- socks
money- amen, totally random and we don't know why he says money instead of amen.
uh oh- i don't think he knows exactly what it means because he says it all the time, even in his sleep.
no (with his hands pointed up to the ceiling)- I don't know

 He also knows how to say meow, tweet tweet (which sometimes sounds like beep beep) and arr arr in a really high pitched voice, which is his dog noise.  It sounds like a tiny weiner dog, annoying.  It is amazing how fast they learn!  He still rarely kisses but will do it if you are lucky.  Since we have been staying with my parents he is all over the place and gets into everything.  He hasn't touched any toys, but would prefer to pull all the books off the shelf, play with the computer, get into the papers... We literally can't let him go into another room without following him or he will tear everything up.  He LOVES water, we took him swimming at chico not too long ago and he had lots of fun, we can't let him play as much as we/he wants because he has tubes in his ears, but he still enjoyed it.  We also went hiking last week and it was slow but great.  He loves sticks so every time he saw a root sticking out of the ground he would try to pick it up and we would try to get him to keep moving so he would go limp and cry until we let him pull on the root until he was convinced it wasn't coming out.  We also found a little stream area that had made a small puddle and he tried a million times to play in the puddle, but it was still a bit too cold.  Later in the year :)  It is gonna be a fun summer!!  He is doing better in the car.  He still hates it, but wont cry the whole time and at least tries to sleep.

Little baby girl is doing good.  We have about a million names that we like so we are having a hard time picking just one.  We are hoping we will know when we see her.  I am carrying really high, but the baby is way down low.  She must have push everything in my belly way up to right under my ribs so she could have all the space underneath.  She kicks, but not much and she is so low that I haven't let anyone try to feel the kicks because that would be awkward.  Things at the dr are still good, her heartbeat and growth are right on.

And since it has been forever since I put up some pics I figured I would get up and find the camera to load some :)

I guess I need to take more pictures because these were the best ones.  

And two videos that were on the camera, I have no idea what they are so sorry if you watch them and wish you hadn't :)

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