It has been a long time since I updated and things have changed so I actually have something to write!

Owen seriously gets cuter each day! It is mind boggling.  He says mama only when he is sad but says dada or daddy ALL THE TIME.  His newest word is yummy, which means food.  I have no idea where he got that, but when he is hungry he just repeats yummy, yummy, yummy, until he has something in his mouth.  He understands SO MUCH!  If I say breakfast, lunch or dinner he gets up, walks to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator.  When I say mama has to pee pee he goes to the bathroom :) When I tell him to get me his shoes he will bring one of them.  He still hasn't figured out I need them both, we are working on that.  He has a new REALLY ANNOYING scream.  He will scream super high pitched until he gets what he wants (like if I am filling his sippy cup he will scream until I give it to him.)  Any ideas on how to stop that?  He got a cool little bike/motorcycle thing for his birthday that is supposed to be for sitting on and using his feet to pull him around, he prefers to stand on it or hold onto the handle bars and pull it around while he isn't on it.  But he really loves that bike!  He is still super obsessed with his easter bucket and the eggs.  He carries around the bucket and eggs and fills it with anything he can find.  He got really good at giving kisses in NC, which was nice for everyone out there.  It has stopped now that it's just me and him, but he did try to give Matt a kiss on skype yesterday :) SUUUPER CUTE!!! We have had a rocking chair since we have lived here, but we didn't use it often so we lent it to a friend and just recently got it back and Owen LOVES it!  He will push the chair and say weeee weeee over and over.  If I ever sit in it he runs to push me and sometimes he gets close to it so I sit him on it and push him while he repeats weeeee over and over.  He can reach things on the counter, scary.  I have to pay attention to pot handles and how close knives are to the edge and things, which is hard!  He has recently started wanting to carry his blankets around, he hasn't ever been attached to them so this is very new.  He still loves food.  I would have to say his favorite word is yummy yummy haha.  We have started timeout because he keeps opening the fridge, we tried tying the fridge to freezer, but he can pull both open :( little turd!! I think he feels playing the fridge is totally worth the punishment though because it doesn't seem to faze him much.  After timeout I try to talk to him and explain about the fridge again and he never looks me in the eye and always gives me a hug. SO FREAKING ADORABLE and ANNOYING haha how are babies so smart!?  He is seriously the best!  We are sooo excited to see how he is with his little sister....

Yep, it's a girl :) We had an appointment the day before we left for NC and I was only 16 weeks, but we paid $25 (ONLY 25!!!! in NC an early ultrasound was in the 100 or 200 range!!! ) to get a quick ultrasound since Matt wouldn't get to be at another appointment until September.  The hemorrhage hasn't gotten smaller or bigger, so good news I guess.  I have my next appointment this week and its the 20 week ultrasound so hopefully I will have more info.  This pregnancy literally sucks.  It doesn't suck like normal pregnancies, I have yet to throw up once or even come close really.  I am more picky with food, but things don't make me sick so I can stand everything, I just don't want everything.  I don't have to eat a million times a day to keep from getting sick, 3 times is enough.  I still eat all the time because food is delicious and I have to make stuff for Owen so I might as well make some for me too :)  My belly definitely shows, but sometimes it seems to be just the fat buldge, where it doesn't exactly look like you are prego, but just been eating a lot.  It is harder which is nice.  As of 16 weeks I had only gained 1 pound still woot woot!! I hope that doesn't change, but I wouldn't be surprised if it does.  The sucky stuff is back pain and migraines.  I wake up with a headache at least every other day and tylenol does nothing so within hours I have a migraine.  Matt missed some school because I could barely get out of bed, let alone take care of Owen.  I told the doc and he prescribed me some headache medicine that was AMAZING!! My headaches were gone within 30 mins!!! The sucky thing is I ran out pretty quick because I had to use them all the time.  While we were in NC it was a Saturday and I woke up with a headache (we were leaving the following Friday) I had to take the meds and noticed that after I took some I would only have enough left for one day.  Oh Crap.  I took them and started praying I would last the week and weekend until the next Monday when I would be back in Idaho and could get more.  Sunday I was good.  Monday I woke up with a migraine :(  I figured I would have Friday where we would fly then on Saturday we would drive from Utah to Idaho so if I had a headache one of those days I would be in big trouble.  Matt was in NC and completely free so I was thinking I would just stay in bed all day and hope it would go away and he would deal with Owen.  After a while it got bad enough that I could barely turn my head in the bed so I decided to take the pills.  I got the bottle and looked in and they had literally multiplied and multiplied.  I had enough to last the whole rest of the week.  My little miracle.  It was definitely needed and we were blessed big time.  I also have had massive amounts of back pain.  It has been going on since close to the beginning which is annoying because my belly wasn't causing any pain because it isn't big enough yet.  I talk to my doc about it and he said since it is mostly at night and doesn't get any worse through the day that I will be fine.  So not true.  I think maybe that's why I have headaches, because my back hurts so bad at night.  But I scheduled a chiropractor appointment for Friday and I am SOOO EXCITED!!!  When I called for more headache pills a few days ago the nurse talked to me like a was a drug dealer.  She couldn't believe I had already used them up and wanted more.  She felt better when I told her I was going to the chiro. to see if they could help.  It has been a painful few months.  Luckily Owen is the least needy kid and as long as I keep him fed he is happy.

NC was awesome, mainly because Matt finally understood why I don't ever want to live there again YAY!!!! So we are both on the same page and visiting for a week or two is just perfect.  There was way too much to do and too many people to see.  The first week was absolute torture for Owen, everything is sooo far away that it would take at least 30  mins to get somewhere then the time to visit and get back and he missed way too many naps and met way too many people.  He was a bit clingy and of course his molars decided to start coming in which was horrible.  The second week was better, less people to see and more time at Matt's parents house relaxing.  Owen must have sensed that that was his last week with Matt for a long time because Matt was the only person he wanted.  I also enjoyed it :)  He was so sweet to Matt the whole week, which probably made it even harder when Friday came and we parted ways.  Lots of crying.  And I am the idiot who didn't take any pictures, but other people did and they put those on facebook so check them out.

Matt was supposed to sell alarms for the summer in Louisiana.  They sent him to Texas because the license hasn't gone through yet for Louisiana. Hopefully it will soon because Texas has been torture for him!! His boss sucks.  He sent Matt to a crappy neighborhood where the people don't have any money to buy the alarms and even if they did they don't have anything worth protecting.  Yesterday he almost had 2 sales, one fell through because the ladies credit was no good, the other fell through because his boss sent him to a county where he doesn't have a license so he wasn't allowed to sell to them.  He had no idea.  Today the same thing happened again, the lady had no credit.  (Both ladies are widows and everything was in their husbands names.  So all you wives make sure to build your credit too!!)  The boss took the rich neighborhood for himself.  The good thing is no one is having much luck so they are going to try another town tomorrow and hopefully they will have some luck there!!  In the mean time I will be going to Montana (YAY) to do paper work and house work for my dad until Matt either starts to make some money or decides to give up and roof for the summer instead.  We have to pay the bills somehow!  

Back at the beginning of April we went to Utah for conference and for a mission reunion.  It was with our second mission pres, he got there when I only had 3 months left on the mission.  It was weird at the reunion, we literally only knew maybe 5 people and some missionaries had just recently gotten off the mission (like 3 weeks before!!) So here we were, married for 3 years with a kid and another on the way haha.  Weird!  But it was awesome seeing the pres and his fam.  They are from Portugal so getting to see them wont happen very often.  The cool thing is he was called to be a 70 woot woot!! Joaquim Moreira.  Awesome guy!! I found out he is a clown in his spare time!!! No joke!!! He and his brother have an act apparently and they perform in front of people in shows!!! SOOOO CRAZY!!!! Matt knew and never told me.  Lame sauce.

I got home in Idaho on Saturday and have been bored out of my mind.  To pass the time I watch the Biggest Loser and LOVE the show! haha.  I recommend it.  I wish the weather was nicer so we could play outside, but until then I will watch season after season of Biggest Loser :)

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