Baby Update

Good news :) We went to the doc, there were a million people so we weren't able to get an ultrasound to see how things are going, but since the heart rate is so good and I haven't bled they said chances are things are getting better! They said my chances for having a miscarriage are still higher than normal, but just a few percent higher, so low.  Woot woot!! So we have started telling people and I have thought about not wearing super baggy clothes, but holy crap do I feel fat!  I have only gained one pound, but I literally look like I am 30 weeks pregnant.  It drives me crazy!! They say you show quicker with your next kids, but there are people in our ward who aren't on their first kids either who are way further along than me and half about half the belly size as me :( It is annoying.  So I don't know if I'm ready to start showing the belly, I will get the funny looks and people saying oh I thought you were way further or are you having twins? Grrr.  But luckily I'm sure half of the fat feelings are jut pregnancy hormones making me crazy so that is good.  Maybe it will go away sometime soon.

I do have my energy back most days, it isn't 100% back, but much better than before.  I still haven't thrown up and I hope I stay that way!  The worst thing is I have been getting headaches and migraines at least every other day.  It is killer!  I got some special med this last time I went to the dr and have only taken them once and they made me so dizzy I couldn't keep my eyes from wiggling back and forth.  It went away after about 30 mins, but freaked me out a bit.  Owen is so perfect and so independent that it really helps!! I can literally lay on the couch and only get up to eat, feed him, put him to bed for naps and get him up and to use the bathroom.  He will come and show me the toys he is playing with and things, but other than that, I don't have to give him massive amounts of attention.  He has his days where he needs more, but there aren't too many of them.

Owen is cute, I can't find the camera.  I lose it when I want it.  He love playing outside and has started tasting dirt, mud, snow, sticks.... It never ends.  He knows what trash is and ALWAYS brings it to me.  It is amazing, he has like a sixth sense and thinks "oh that doesn't fit in here."  So he will bring me the trash instead of trying to taste it like everything else or just leaving it on the ground.  He does it no matter where we are, inside, outside, in a store.  Wherever.  He is gonna be a good leave no trace camper :)  We also never taught him to do that, funny kid.  He turns one on Monday.  CRAZY!!! He already seems so old and smart though that it almost seems like he should have been one a long time ago.  We are super excited about Easter, we have a few egg hunts to go to tomorrow and I'm sure he is going to love being outside most of the day.  We want to have his birthday party outside in a few weeks when we will have some family in town, but who know what the weather will be like by then.  It would be nice to not have to entertain kids, just let them run around and do what they want.  My kind of birthday party!  If we have to have it inside I hope I can talk Matt into not inviting people haha.

Matt hates school and is basically ready to give up.  He is so overloaded that he doesn't know where to start or what to do so he ends up doing nothing and freaks out.  I can't wait for these next 2 weeks to be over so he can stop stressing!! But then we will be in NC and I will be the one stressing then he will head to Louisiana and I will come back here so we wont get to be normal around each other until the end of the summer probably :( It will be nice when everything is over.

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