Subchorionic Hemorrhage

I figured out the name :) woot woot.  And since I knew the name I looked more info up about it on the internet another woot woot.  So the odds are definitely in favor of all going fine :) I haven't found anything that shows anything wrong with the baby if it is born close to the due date.  The babies that are born premature due to the hemorrhage may have problems, but that is to be expected with all babies born super early.  I talked to my ultrasound technician and she said my spot is medium size.  People with small size spots  are usually fine, they usually disappear by the next appointment.  People with big size spots are usually on hospital bed rest early in the pregnancy! EEEESSHH! That would be miserable! And medium size spots can go either way.  Since the babies heartbeat was so great they said they aren't worried and expect it will go down. YAY!  My next appointment is in a week.  So we will see how things are then.  Some doctors recommend bed rest or at least pelvic rest.  I have decided to take it super easy and do as little as possible, but Owen has decided he hates being at home, so I have been doing a lot more than I usually do just trying to keep the turd happy.  But since the weather is clearing up I hope I can just set him outside and let him run wild and sit and watch him.  His smile is the cutest thing ever and I still haven't taken pics :( lazy me.

Ashley  – (March 15, 2013)  

YAY! Happy to hear the good news! We are praying for you and the little peanut! :)

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