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Before I start, please know my keyboard is broken and I can't click the same button twice without waiting for a few seconds, so if lots of things are mising a leter (like those) it is because I got sick of trying to be patient.

I feel like I could write a milion things, it has ben forever and so many things have hapened. The last thing I wrote last time was about Mat's dad pasing away. It was so devastating! It is still hard to believe. We went to Nc for the funeral and it was the best funeral ever. At the viewing the funeral home owners said the only other time they had seen so many people go to a viewing was when a child had died. Mats dad was great, everyone loved him! He was super funy and friendly, like mat. The funeral wasn't depresing, but ful of great stories and it was a hapy funeral, lots of laughing and remembering. Owen would see Greg in the casket and point and say "papa papa bye bye papa" It was so sad! But also great that he remembered him, and it was weird that he kept saying bye bye, like he knew. It was nice that everyone got to meet ava and it was god quick trip.

Since then life has gone back to normal, schol and kids. Matts semester is great, he has lots of awesome clases that arent loading him with homework so we se way more of him than I expected and I love it! Owen is also loving it!  He has one semester after this one and then student teaching we are a bit excited!

Owen is stil the cutest thing alive. He has ben super whiny lately so we are thinking his molars might be coming in :( it never ends! He had a few weks of almost no naps or crying for an hour in his bed before he would fal aslep. It was anoying, but now that we have switched his nap time to earlier he has ben doing god. He is in todler lab at the schol, and he loves it! I love watchign him from the other side of the mirrors. The kids are hilarious and so cute! HE is talking like crazy, starting to do 3-4 word sentences and that makes life so much easier! He loves playing bal. His new favorite word/phrase is "go panthers" as he pounds the air with his fist :) so cute! We went to the schol one night to watch a basketbal competition and Owen was mesmerized. He just stared the whole time and would randomly say go panthers and lok at me to make sure he said it when he was suposed to. it was hilarious! He stil loves ava more than anything, but wil now take her toys :( we are working on that. he is also stil obsesed with mat, today we were playing and mat had owen and pretended to take owen away and he freaked screaming dady dady and it tok us a while to calm him down, if anything ever hapened to mat it would be unbearable for owen, and me because of owen haha.

Ava is also super cute! She doesnt slep as god as she did, but i stil cant complain. she is such a god sleper compared to owen at her age that I love it! She is a realy easy baby, she eats and sleps and plays, rarely any crying. when she is tired she wil rub her eyes and we just put her in her bed and she wil go to slep. she is god at holding onto things and tries to put everything in her mouth. She loves her litle toes and hands, she is mesmerized by her hands when she sees them :) its fun to watch! She has one litle problem. She has geographic tongue. She would scream  and scream sometimes when she would eat and I couldnt figure out waht it was from. my cuz is a breast feding consultant for WIC and noticed her tongue and talked to her boss and they figured out that some of the things i was eating might be hurting her tongue when she would eat. I started paying closer atention and found out milk wil hurt it, not a lot but enough to make her uncomfy. And my prenatal vitamin. That one is bad. She would scream at each feding for days when I take the vitamin :( so no more of those! But with the milk it only hurts her at the feding right after i drink milk, so that must get out of the system quickly. it is so nice having that fixed! it was so sad watching her eat and be hurting at the same time! She is FINALY starting to laugh, she wil get realy excited but only open her mouth super wide into a huge smile. I think she has only laughed 2 or 3 times, but there are times now that i think she is so close to doing it that i hope it wil come more often!

I am doing great, I reopened my litle busines because i love it so much. we figured life is back to normal, no more pain or tiny babies to constantly be taking care of so i started it up again and we both decided i wil put more money and time into it :) which i totaly love! I have ben making lots of hairbows for ava and they are so cute! i could literaly make hairbows al day! I also crocheted some baby boties the other day, which i havent done much of because they aren't as popular as hats and  things, but ava could use some booties :) The busines is going god :) i made al my money back that i initialy put into it for new suplies and advertising and things so now is just profit yay! and i love doing it so the money part is more of a plus :) we are going to save up for a surface 2 for schol. Mats computer isn't much beter than mine, his shuts down randomly so he has to remember to save everything al the time or he wil lose it. so a new computer is neded, and the surface 2 can do everythin he would ned and its smal enough to take to schol :) im excited about geting one and i hope we can son!

basicaly life is god. we are hapy and healthy (finaly losing baby weight!) and our kids are the best. here are a few iphone pics!

owen loves grocery carts!

Barney is stil his favorite!

fat baby cheks

he is sharing his straw :)

I just got him out of bed and this is what he did, part of his whinines. 

this is him at schol

he has his own scriptures :)

he got stuck and it was hilarious!

This is their diferent reactions to flash haha he hates light and always runs around the house turning off the lights. avas eyes are always wide open, she loves to se everytihng.

This was where he decided to lay down when he got tired haha

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