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This is my story.  Why I love Young Living and how it all started.  About 2.5 years ago we had a little boy.  Sweetest thing ever!  We love him to death, except at night.  He isn't much of a sleeper.  It took us months and months of doing everything we could to get him to sleep through the night.  He finally did but everything had to be perfect.  NO NOISE AT ALL.  If he heard a mouse he would be up.  So we use a fan to help drown out the world.  Also no light.  He has cardboard boxes in his window with multiple blankets draped over the curtain to make it as dark as possible.  So he started to sleep, but he was whiny all day long.  Fast forward a bit to September 2013.  We had a super adorable little girl.  At first she slept like a champ!  She was the best newborn ever and I slept better than any momma ever! But then she got a bit older and stopped sleeping so well.  Our good nights were her waking up "only" three times.  How did I function?!  So this went on and on for months.
During this time I met some pretty cool people, one of them who uses DoTERRa.  She tried lots of things to help us with anything from belly aches to diaper rash.  And I was so sad that nothing worked!  I know the oils work great for her and her family so I wondered why they weren't working for mine.  I decided to try some essential oils from the health food store, again with no success.  So I went on using the store bought medicines and waking up all night long.  Then my aunt gave me a call and told me about Young Living.  I must say I was VERY skeptical and not too excited since I had had no success with essential oils before.  But she sent me some oils and the first rubbed a drop of Peace & Calming on my little man before bed.  The next day he was a happy two year old!  I decided to try some on Ava also. She only woke up ONE time! It was the first time since she was a newborn!  I couldn't believe it and honestly thought it was a coincidence!  But no I continued to use the Peace & Calming oil blend on them for bedtime and they continued to sleep.  It is the best oil!  Since it worked so well I started using the other oils and have had awesome results with them!

 These are a few more things you can do with Peace & Calming to help your little one be the sweet and adorable baby he/she was meant to be!
For those of you wondering how I used the oil, I just put a drop on one foot then rubbed them together.  I do it right before bedtime as they are getting pj's on and brushing teeth and things.  We also made a sleeping cream that works great for adults!  I used it for my kids when I ran out of the Peace & Calming but it didn't work as well.  That was a long month, but I finally got some more in the mail a few days ago :) Hello Sleep!

Sleeping Cream:
  • 12 drops of Cedarwood
  • 12 drops of Peace & Calming
  • 12 drops of Lavender
  • 1/3 cup of Coconut Oil
Just mix them all together. I used some baby food jars because we have a lot of those. You many need to let the Coconut oil get warmed up to make it watery and easier to stir.  Let it harden a bit then rub it on your feet.  If you need more rub it on your back and neck and cup your hands over your nose and breathe it in.  The Cedarwood is a great oil for insomnia.  If the cream isn't working try rubbing just the Cedarwood on your forehead and wrists.  My dad did this and complained he was sleeping too good.  He couldn't wake up in the morning.  It is some pretty serious stuff!

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