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Essential Rewards is brilliant. Essential Rewards is a program for wholesale Young Living members.  It is an automatic withdrawal/shipment.  You can change your order each month or leave it the same and restock what you already have.  There are a lot of bonuses to Essential Rewards.  You get more bang for your buck and get  free products and reduced shipping!  And if you plan on making money it is a great way to make sure you don't forget your 100PV before the month is over!
At the moment there are EIGHT special kits available!  The savings rang vagaries from $5.00 savings to $85.00!! So if you plan on getting any of the products in these kits then you might want to consider Essential Rewards.
Now how to get free products.  When you spend while you are signed up for Essential Rewards, you will always get a percentage back.  Your first six months signed up you will get 10% back.  The second 6 months you will get 15% and after that you will always get 20% back!!  If you ever want to cancel Essential Rewards make sure you spend your points first!
 And of course reduced shipping is always a huge plus!
As long as you spend at least 50PV (personal value which almost always is the price of the items you bought, ex: you buy an oil for $35.95 then your pv will be 35.95pv.)  you will stay on Essential Rewards and reap the benefits.  If you at least 100PV you can protect your check and make some money!
The catch? NONE!  Young Living rocks!

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