As you know we started using the oils in July because they helped my kids sleep.  They were doing great.  Then in August Ava got sick.  She had a fever that wouldn't go away and she ended up getting a bunch of shots.  Her awesome sleeping streak ended.  She would sleep pretty good if she slept with me.  If she slept in her crib, then she woke up way too often.  Recently we finally got her to sleep alright in her crib but she would still wake up and when she would wake up she would scream and scream instead of slowly and quietly waking up.  It was miserable and after a few particularly bad nights we decided enough was enough and she was going to have to figure out sleeping by herself.  I went to the store, bought some earplugs and extra pacifiers to keep in her crib and headed home.  On my way there a friend called.  It was a much needed phone call!  She suggested nightmares.  She told me she was reading a book about trapped emotions and thought maybe the shots had caused Ava's problem.  I came home, got online and found some oils that have worked for others.  That night she only woke up twice in a 12 hour period.  I love my oils!!  We have continued to use them and have slept great.  Because we were so desperate for sleep, I used every oil I had that might help so during naptime I have been trying to find which are necessary and which are not.  I thought I had it figured out so last night I only used 3 oils on her and regretted it.  I think she needs them all for bedtime!  I put one drop of Cedarwood and one drop of Frankincense on her forehead, temples and back of her neck.  I also put one drop of Peace & Calming and one drop of Joy on the bottoms of her feet.  She sleeps much longer and doesn't wake up screaming or even crying.   I'm glad we got that figured out!

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