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Life is going good. I am still doing my internship and loving every second of it. Still no pictures. But, I did go home a few weeks ago. It was great, it had been 3 weeks since I saw Matt and it was nice. I got there Saturday night around 11 and had to leave again on Tuesday. I wont get to see him again until the 4th of July, but he gets to spend a whole week with me! YAY! While I was home, we bought more fish and got a grandfather clock! It was one Matt's Grandpa made with his two sons, Matt's dad and uncle. It is beautiful! I did take a picture of that :)

I have also been spending my nights and days off crocheting. I love it. I made this shirt, it is super adorable! Sadly it doesn't fit me. But if there is anyone out there who is super skinny and tall let me know!

I have also made a hat, but that is a present for a certain someone so it cannot be posted and I am working on a SUPER SWEET HAT, super funny, but also a present so I can't give the details. I also made this hat, which is for a cute adorable baby from church whose family loves football :) So much fun!

Today at work I did a Live Dive Presentation, that is were I stand in front of our largest tank and 3 divers go into it and one of them has a special mask/microphone so we can hear him on the outside of the tank and he can hear us. So my part is to stand outside and talk a little about the tank and then get questions from the visitors for the divers to answer. So today there were about 200 people listening to the presentation and the diver today was named Patrick. The divers are all funny guys so last time I went up there the leader told me that Patrick was Sponge Bob's friend and he leaves bikini bottom just to dive for us. So today when Patrick got into the tank I was intorducing him, he is how it went:

Me: "This is Patrick, he is our diving buddy today and he is here to answer all of your questions. Now a few days ago I learned something special about Patrick, do you guys want to hear it?"

Audience: "YA!!!!"

Me: "Okay. I learned that Patrick has a friend who, (at this time I started to sing the part from the sponge bob song) LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA." I paused.

All the children in the audience: "SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS!"

Haha it was perfect! It was as if I had pulled all the little kids aside before and told them to sing it for me. It was great. Patrick then spoke in the Patrick voice. :) Good day.

Now for the funny story (but not so funny at the time.)

I am taking an online theater class that is just 5 weeks long and super annoying and time consuming. And as part of our assignments we had to see a professional play. The closest professional play to me was in Raleigh, which is about a 2.75 hour drive. So I had Tuesday and Wednesday off last week and there was a show on Wednesday, it was the only time I could see a play before it was due because of my work schedule. So the play was called The 39 Steps (its good!) but it didn't start until 8. Grrr. Some things to keep in mind: 1. I am a stupid naive girl from Montana, Raleigh is the capital of NC. 2. There are lots of black people. I have been brainwashed into thinking all black people are bad (which is TOTALLY NOT true, but for some reason down here everyone talks bad about them and I get scared pretty easily.) 3. I cry really easily. So here I am going to Raleigh all by my lonesome on a Wednesday night. I called ahead to find out where to park and they told me I could park in the parking lot right across from the theater, but it would cost $7. (I paid $18 for a ticket and who knows how much for gas to get back and forth!) So I follow my handy dandy GPS and find the theater without problem and the parking lot across the street. So pulling in to the parking lot there is a sign, "Please pay attendant, if attendant is not available go to Lenoir St. and pay in (paying thing) for individual space." Of course there is no attendant. I drive around looking for the street where I can pay to get a space, can't find it. I see a Mcdonalds. Run inside, behind the counter- all black people. In front of the counter- all black people. In my mind- Crap. They will know I am all alone and I'm not from here and will steal my car and beat me and leave me for dead! So I look around at the people eating at the tables - old white couple. I go up to them and ask if they know where Lenoir st. is, they open their mouth and start explaining, I see they are missing most of their teeth. I didn't understand much. I got in my car and followed their basic hand signals, found the street, drove up and down 3 times, never found the pay thing to get a space. But I did find a public under ground garage. I go there. Unlike all garages I have ever been in, this one is a complete maze. It doesn't just go in a nice circle, but winds every which way. I found a spot, parked and walked up to the building. I was somewhere else entirely. Luckily there was a convention going on so they had made maps! I grabbed one and found I was about 2 blocks from the theater. I watched the play until intermission (I had enough info to answer all the questions and it was getting dark and the place where I parked would be closed by 10) So I walk back to where my car was parked, hurrying. I retraced my steps EXACTLY. But couldn't find my car. Panic. There weren't that many cars left, and I had my beeper, but I couldn't find it. I went back into the building on top to ask. I get to the front counter and said "I can't find my car." As I began to speak, my eyes start filling with tears. The guys says " don't worry this happens all the time. Which level did you park in?" I said "P1" He said " Okay, well there is sort of a hidden part in that level that is hard to find. All you do is...." He started to tell me where to turn and blah blah blah, as he is talking my eyes just get fuller and fuller of tears. He stopped and said, " You know what, let me get someone to help you." Nice guy! So as he is looking for someone to go with me I cry a little, trying to hold it in and breathe a bit. He walks up with a super perky teenager, who says, " HI! How are you doing!?" In a super excited perky voice. I BURST out BAWLING and say " I'm having a bad day!" Poor guy. He says, " dont worry, we will find your car. What kind is it?" I say, inbetween tears and breaths, " I don't know" still bawling like crazy. " it's silver." We walk to the parking lot and I am just heaving and heaving, that is all you can hear. He is beeping my car button walking around and I am just following. Suddenly we heard it!!! The car!!! I had parked on P2 not P1. Idiot. So I thank him, he smiles, I can't imagine what is going through his head haha! I get in the car and cry some more. Then start driving home, its late, I had just cried uncontrollable for about 10 mins, I am TIRED! Luckily my hubby is the best and stayed up talking to me the whole way home, but about an hour before I got there I could barely hold my fat puffy eyes open, so I decided to get some food and walk around. I pulled over at a Mcdonalds and get out, only to realize it is drive through only. annoying. So I walked around my car a few times and got back in then pulled up to order. I asked for an ice cream. They were out. I asked for a parfait. They were out. I asked for a hamburger with just ketchup. The lady then said " Would you like a Quarter Pounder?" I said " no, just a $1 hamburger with ketchup." She then proceeded to yell at me telling me that they were on the night menu and did not have normal hamburgers. I wanted to cry again and just never mind and drove off. Stupid people. It was a bad day, but luckily I slept and the next day I laughed.

Alaina and Mitchell  – (June 19, 2011)  

WOW! Crazy!! I love the stories! And the adorable football hat and awesome, gorgeous grandfather clock! I love family heirlooms! We don't have any! I'm super jealous!

Jamie  – (July 31, 2011)  

OMG, I love you, Kimmy. This made me laugh adn cry and sometime I will tell you the story of when I was 7 months pregnant & decided to drive across the country with 4 kids, ages 2, 4, 10, and 11, & how I almost ran out of gas in a super-ghetto area of Kansas city so I had to get off the interstate and I was trying not to stick out like a sore thumb/get carjacked/mugged/killt/etc (GIANT PREGO WHITE GIRL IN MINI VAN WITH NO HUSBAND, hello). I need to call you sometime because I miss you a lot. I am excited for your internship to be over but glad you got to have the experience.

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